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Both arrested lawmakers back in Albany - 04/15/13

Both State Senator Malcolm Smith, D-Queens, and Assemblyman Eric Stevenson, D-Bronx, were back in Albany, Monday, two weeks after being arrested by the US Attorney's Office for allegedly being part of separate bribe schemes.

After I was first told Senator Smith was not in Albany, by a member of his staff at the Legislative Office Building, the Senator then came out of the door. His response to most of my questions were "I stand by my attorney's comments."

Even when I asked him directly if he was innocent Smith said "I stand by what my attorney said."

Smith's attorney was quoted in several NYC papers as saying "The allegations in this complaint do not tell the full story."

Smith was arrested for allegedly bribing his way on to the New York City mayoral ticket as a Republican. The US Attorney's Office says Smith hired a middle man to pay cash to the GOP heads of two boroughs in New York, and in exchange those men would put Smith's name on the ballot as a GOP candidate for mayor.

Smith says he will continue to serve as a Senator in Albany.

Assemblyman Eric Stevenson told me Monday "I thought everyone was innocent until proven guilty."

I asked Stevenson about the evidence the US Attorney's Office has against him and he said he could not comment on that.

Stevenson was charged by the US Attorney's Office for allegedly taking $22,000 in cash and in exchange helped fast track the opening of an adult day care center in his Bronx district. The complaint also alleges Smith was going to draw up legislation that would put a moratorium on building future day care centers, thus keeping the competition out.

UPDATE: 5:35 p.m.
Link to the full interview with both Smith and Stevenson


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