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Hello Albany, Let's Talk Politics - 04/05/13

I have always believed that everything that happens at the state Capitol, every law passed affects most if not all New Yorkers in some way shape or form. During my six years as a reporter, in Utica, I would be sent to Albany regularly to cover state news. Every time I came I noticed two things: the deli's downtown are awesome and I was always leaving with a heck of a story. I decided this is where I wanted to be.

Despite public perception I believe not all the stories in Albany are bad. That is hard to understand given the past week with two lawmakers arrested by the FBI, and a third having his previous charges disappear by cooperating with authorities, I get that. However, some good does actually go on here but unfortunately many times depending on your political affiliation will you believe that or not. That, to me, is the best part of working in this town. There is a debate on just about every law that comes out of Albany. Whether you're gay and want to get married or own a gun and want to buy more, there are two sides to the story. Opinion, emotion and debate that is what makes people care about politics and those are the stories I love to cover.

I got here in August of 2012 and have loved my job ever since. I love being at the Capitol everyday to bring the stories to the people affected by them. If it's important enough to happen at the Capitol it's important enough to tell you.


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