Consumer Price Index
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Consumer Price Index - September 2012

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 09:18 PM EDT
Some pretty big savings this month at the supermarket as CBS6 updates our monthly consumer index.

Here are some of the changing trends you can expect to find when you hit the store, based on the local averages.

Butter               Up $.13
Orange Juice    Up $.20

Coffee              No Change

Apples              Down $.05
Dozen Eggs      Down $.09
Gallon Milk      Down $.10
Carrots              Down $.29
White Bread      Down $.73
Cheese Slices    Down $1.00
Ground Beef     Down $1.00
White Rice        Down $1.24
Cheerios            Down $1.25

Steve Ammerman, at the New York State Farm Bureau tells CBS6 that our nation's drought is affecting many of the prices this month.

Ammerman also explained that the drop in beef prices was expected following the drought in the Midwest.

He says rice prices are falling because countries overseas have huge stockpiles.

Ammerman also says that rice prices will likely climb again as the drought in the U.S. affects the world market.
Consumer Price Index - September 2012

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