Positively Upstate: Goat Yoga trots into the Capital Region

Goat Yoga trots into the Capital Region

The goat yoga craze has officially landed in the Capital Region! It’s all the elements of a regular yoga class, only there are … goats.

“You might see a little bit of cuddling. You might see a little bit of pooping. You might have a little bit of climbing on you.” Owner of Barefoot Space, Dawn Dotson says.

An Ashiatsu barefoot massage therapist (that’s massage using feet instead of hands), goat yoga is something new to her studio in downtown Delmar. A fitness fad spreading across the country, she says she didn’t intentionally jump on the ‘goat yoga bandwagon’ – it started because she didn’t want to leave her pet goats at home.

“I had a yoga class to teach that night and it became an impromptu goat yoga class.” She says.

Getting positive feedback, Dotson added goat yoga the list of services Barefoot Space provides. Right now they’re once a month with classes of up to 25 people.

“We usually do two people to one goat.” She says.

So, what’s the purpose of having goats wander around a yoga session? Dotson says it’s because they’re therapeutic; a happy distraction from anything stressful and an opportunity to be at one with nature – even if that’s a goat having an ‘accident’ a few spaces away! But don’t worry – any goat droppings are quickly picked up by staff and disinfected (they’re animals, it happens!).

Jill Deltosta, an experienced yogi trying this for the first time, had nothing but positive things to say at the end of the session.

“You can’t help but laugh and giggle when you open your eyes to them because they’re so cute and entertaining.” She says with a smile. “Sometimes it takes you by surprise but it’s always a good thing.”

If you’d like more information on goat yoga or to sign up – check out Barefoot Space’s website:

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