Local chocolate shop busy making Easter goodies


SCHENECTADY (WRGB) – Uncle Sam’s All American Chocolate Factory in Schenectady has been busy making all the sweet treats you might find in your Easter basket.

They start making chocolate and candies the day after Valentine’s Day. Because Easter falls early this year, they’ve been working around the clock for weeks. They’ll continue making products up to the day before the holiday.

They use about 4,500 lbs. of raw chocolate to make all the treats for Easter.

The general manager Deborah Butler says they’ll even see a rush Easter morning too.

The big seller is the Chocolate Bunny. They make hundreds of types of bunnies – small bunnies, big bunnies, bunnies with a basket, sports bunnies, bunnies on a tractor, and more! Employees say they have thousands of different types of chocolate molds. You can also find chocolates in fun shapes – like movie characters, sports equipment, food, and more.

And for those who don’t like chocolate, there’s jelly beans, crème eggs, fruit slices, and other sugary treats.

Butler says family members bring generation after generation to this store, “People love that we have the same recipe, what grandma bought for you 50-60 years ago is still the same today.”

And although the Easter-rush will soon be over, the employees say they'll need to start prepping chocolate and candies for Mother's Day soon.

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