Positively Upstate: DMV employee returns boy's lost Lego pieces

Positively Upstate: DMV employee returns boy's lost Lego pieces (WRGB)

A little boy whose family just moved out of state is reunited with his toys all thanks to a small, caring gesture by a local DMV employee.

Shawn Christopher has worked as a motor vehicle representation at the New York Department of Motor Vehicles for 4 years. And each he processes hundreds of surrendered plates. But last week when a package arrived from Maine, he noticed it was a little different.

“I went to open it up and there was a little rattle.” He says.

Turns out, in between the plates and the paperwork were 4 Lego pieces.

“I thought, that’s probably part of a set or something.”

Instead of throwing them away, Shawn sent them back to the listed return address with a short note – he didn’t write his name. When the package arrived at Dympna Calandro’s house, she couldn’t believe what was inside.

“There was a note that said, ‘I think someone is missing part of their lego set.’” She tells CBS6 over the phone. “I turned to my son and said, ‘Bryson, are you missing any pieces?’ The second he saw them his face lit up. He ran into his bedroom and came back saying, ‘It’s my army truck! It’s my army truck!’”

Dympna says her son has high functioning Autism and the missing Lego pieces, when noticed, could have caused him panic and distress. She wanted to thank the person who reunited Bryson with his toys, but the sender didn’t leave a name. So, Dympna took to social media and posted a ‘thank you’ photo of the note and her son to the NYS DMV’s Facebook page. Someone saw it – and was able to track down Shawn. He says the photo of a happy Bryson and his Legos, means the world.

“Seeing the truck and the pieces … it just totally made my day.” He says. “I wasn’t doing it for recognition. I wasn’t doing it for any of this. It was just to get those little pieces back to their rightful owner. “

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