Positively Upstate: Giving back to the community with style

Positively Upstate: Giving back to the community with style (WRGB)

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY (WRGB)---Jesse White is a barber in Saratoga Springs.

On Saturday, it wasn't his usual customers hopping into the chair, it was kids.

And, he was cutting their hair for free.

"I was once a kid that struggled. My family, we adopted about five kids into the family. And it wasn't easy for them and I know what it's like. So I wanted to do something that would say - you know what, I remember, I was just you," said White.

Jesse started doing free cuts this summer , only it wasn't kids.

It was the homeless.

To get the word out he visited the EOC and local shelters.

"I went to those places and I just asked, would you be on board with this? And they said they'd be happy to be," he said.

An event at the Saratoga Springs City Center, fittingly called 'Keeping Toga Fresh,' welcomed local kids grades K-9, many with families who can't afford a back-to-school haircut.

What's more, Jesse wants this to be an opportunity for kids with different socio-economic backgrounds to meet and hang out together.

"Because my idea is if we have everyone in the same room, it will start with the bottom of the generation and the love will just grow. There's people that are struggling in Saratoga. And we can help those that a struggling too. We don't have to separate each other," said White.

Jesse wouldn't give specifics but says he's planning future events.

Perhaps, one to do with breast cancer, a disease his mother battled.

"As a parent I think it is phenomenal what he is doing. I think the fact he's giving back to the community and helping those kids feel confident in their first week of school. It just shows what kind of heart he has as a man and in this community," said Gia Mertzlufft.

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