Positively Upstate: Local athlete is a two sport star

Positively Upstate: Local athlete is a two sport star (WRGB)

Don't get into a game of horse with this girl, or on a baseball diamond if you're the opponent.

At 5'8" tall, 13-year-old Susan Lord is making waves in local sports, just finishing up playing in the Capital Region JCC Maccabi games at the Times Union Center.

Similar to the Olympics, Albany was chosen as the host city for the games this summer.

It brings in more than 750 athletes from different delegations.

"It's a Jewish Teen Olympics, basically. Everyone from all across the world like Mexico and Israel came to this," said Lord.

This year, a few teams were down player, so Susan stepped in playing seven games in three days.

But, if this was the real Olympics, Susan says she wouldn't be on the court.'

"I want to be in the Olympics for softball. Then when I heard they were bringing it back I got so happy. Because that was always what I wanted to do," said Lord.

She's a young girl setting an example for others of what it means to be active.

"I like to watch TV, but I also like to go outside. Because if you just sit around and watch TV all day it's not going to be good for your health if you don't move around," she said.

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