Positively Upstate: Social Media helps reunite engagement proposal video with couple

Positively Upstate: Social Media helps reunite engagement proposal video with couple

If anyone has gone through the nail-biting experience of planning a marriage proposal, you know there are plenty of things that can go awry. What if you planned everything down to the last detail only to be foiled by a single digit in a cell phone number? It almost happened to Andrew Kopf in Glens Falls Sunday night when he proposed to his now fiancé, Ashley Duryea. It was at the Bullpen downtown.

“I was lucky, she had to go the bathroom 5 minutes before the ball dropped so I looked around for table with a lot of girls at it …” Andrew says.

Andrew was looking for someone to film his proposal, and only had minutes to spare before Ashley returned to the bar. South Glens Falls native, Meghan Linehan, visiting home on college break immediately volunteered.

“This guy comes frantically up and says, ‘Can you film our proposal?’ And I asked for what and he said, ‘My wedding proposal.” Meghan explains.

From there it seemed everything went off without a hitch. At the midnight countdown Ashley said yes and Meghan had the entire moment captured on her cellphone. But when she went to transfer the video … it wasn’t sending to Andrew’s phone. The number she was given appeared to be wrong.

“When I looked to go get his number because it wasn’t sending, they were gone!”

Remembering they were local, Meghan posted the engagement video on Facebook hoping someone could help her track them down. In less than 12 hours and more than 135-thousand views later …

“All of a sudden I saw this post from a lady I didn’t recognize.” Ashley explains. “It was our video! And I said, ‘Oh, my God, Andrew! Who is she? How did she get this?’

Ashley and Andrew, both local music teachers plan on getting married in November. Andrew is also a member of the National Guard.

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