Positively Upstate: Vivienne’s RAOK


When Ashley and Eric Rosenbrock lost their 15-month-old daughter Vivienne in January of 2013, their entire world was turned upside down. The beautiful blue-eyed baby who adored her older sister, Madeline, passed very unexpectedly away following a brief illness.

“She is talked about in our house every day.” Ashley says. “The final chat with the pediatrician was that she was going to be okay … to 10 hours later she was gone. So, we really didn’t have time to process because it was so quick.”

On the second anniversary of Vivienne’s birthday, Ashley and her husband created a Facebook page called ‘Vivienne’s RAOK’ – random acts of kindness. The goal was to encourage followers to do one good deed for someone they didn’t know and then share what they’ve done on the page’s wall.

“We said it didn’t have to be anything crazy.” Ashley says. “It can be as simple as making your neighbor brownies. Or writing a note to somebody telling them they’re important.”

The page which started with family and friends soon exploded; with shares coming from well beyond the Rosenbrock’s community in Corinth. Soon, more than 7,000 followers from all over the world were sharing their good deeds in honor of Vivienne.

“For us to be able to go and look at all the good and all the people who are sharing her name and doing things in her memory … it’s just a really good way for us to make it through the day.” Ashley says. “Just the ones that people involve their kids with. Because I like it’s important for us that we’re raising a generation of kids that are going to become kind people.”

Want to share your random act of kindness – or need some inspiration first? Check out Vivienne’s RAOK Facebook page with the link below:

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