Road Trippin': Burlington, VT


Road Trippin VT - clip

(BURLINGTON, VT) – CBS6’ Road Trippin’ series continue this week three hours north of the Capital Region where there’s no shortage of mountains, lake views or food. It’s where we find CBS 6 morning anchor Melissa Lee checking out the sights and sounds of Burlington, Vermont.

There’s no wrong way to explore the streets of the Queen City or soak in the eastern shoreline of Lake Champlain.

Owner of Burlington Segways, Rick Sharp said, “You gotta see the waterfront, no doubt about it.”

Sharp said it’s even better when visitors don’t have to break a sweat exploring.

“You get up there, you’re fresh as a daisy and in two hours you can see everything that would have taken you a whole day to do,” said Sharp.

Sharp doesn’t just teach people how to ride, he relies on Segways for his own mobility.

“When I recovered from the paralysis from the neck injury, the leg didn’t come all the way back so I have a plate and 12 screws there and I walk with a limp. It’s very difficult for me to walk more than 100 yards,” Sharp said.

Each Segway comes equipped with a helmet and radio. There’s no experience necessary and all riders must go through a 30 minute training session.

Zooming around the city can really work up a thirst, giving people a reason to check out one of the largest craft beer producers in the Northeast.

Head Brewer of Magic Hat Brewing Company, Christopher Rockwood said, “Magic Hat is a wonderful place for any visitor, mainly because we embrace community, we have a totally different vibe from a lot of other breweries, we really put our personality into everything that we do.”

The brewery offers tours, samples and more than 40 taps. Rockwood added the city has something for everyone.

“The food is fantastic, the beer is even better, there’s a local arts community that just won’t quit, in such a great way.”

The Burlington bike path is eight miles of paved path, with room for runners and walkers.