Road Trippin': Howe Caverns

This week we're Road Trippin' to one of Schoharie County's biggest and deepest attractions, Howe Caverns. Down more than 150 feet below the farm fields, these caves might as well be another world. Most of it unchanged for millions of years.

"The limestone dates back to about 350 million years old." Our tour guide, Sparky says. He's worked in the caves for years and a very reliable source of any and all information about this place. "That little river over the hand rail is what we call the River Styx. The water carved out this cave a long time ago."

A lot of what is Howe Caverns was created by water erosion. Rock ceilings can be anywhere from 5 to 45 feet high and windy pathways anywhere from six to two feet wide.

The caverns were randomly discovered by dairy farmer Lester Howe. He started giving tours to the public in 1843, a tradition still done today.

If caves aren't your thing, Howe Caverns has plenty of things to do above ground for those with a spirit of adventure. The High Adventure park has everything from ropes courses, to zip lines, to rock walls, even the H2O-Go ball. It's a giant inflated ball you climb into partially filled with water that rolls down a hillside track.

Details on prices for Howe Caverns including hours and directions (it's about an hour West of Albany off I-88, just follow the billboards) visit it's website: