Road Trippin': Inlet

Here is the web version of the RT’ing story that aired last night of Inlet, NY. I think I wrote to you earlier that the video link wasn’t working when I checked on the web this morning.. Thanks! –Julia

This week’s Road Trippin’ adventure takes us off the actual pavement and up into the air. Deep in the Adirondacks an affordable way to see the park in all its grandness and the quaint town of Inlet is by sea plane.

“They see what the Adirondacks is all about.” Says Jim Payne, the owner of Payne’s Air Service on the shore of 7th Lake. A pilot himself, Payne takes great pride in offering this unique experience. “You can’t visualize it from the roads, but from above you see everything.”

A 90-dollar minimum, the small planes can hold about 5 people – one passenger can sit in the cockpit. Tickets for adults are 40-dollars and kids under the age of 10 are 20-dollars. Payne’s Air Service is just a couple miles down the road from Inlet off Route 28. From a configuration of docks, Payne drives a 1975 sea plane Skywagon out into the middle of the lake, guns the engine and soon you’re soaring above the water and forest with an almost 360-degree view of seemingly never-ending forest.

“This is all part of the Fulton chain of lakes.” Payne says, pointing out the window. “There are 8 lakes in the chain and they’re all named by number.”

Your tour takes you over several of those lakes, some bordered by small towns like Inlet, camps; others are specifically state land. The trip takes about 15 minutes, that’s when you land back on 7th lake and pull up to the docks.

Payne’s Air Service runs 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm and reservations are not required. For more information, visit the link below: