Road Trippin': Portsmouth



Rd Trip Portsmouth

Less than four hours from the Capital Region, a quick drive across the Massachusetts Turnpike will land you in the seaside city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

The city could be described as 'quintessential New England' or as Captain Andrew Cole put it, "Very Norman Rockwell-esq."

Cole Captains the M/V Heritage for Portsmouth Harbor Cruises, a tour company based on the Piscataqua River which runs through the city and into the Atlantic.

"Being on the water is a great way to view the town and surrounding environments. There's lots of history with the naval shipyards and old forts and lighthouses," Cole told us.

On his tour, Cole pointed out the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, where you can see Los Angeles Class Fast Attack Submarines being worked on. The tour also takes you past the foreboding Portsmouth Naval Prison, which looks Rockwell-esq in a Stephen King kind of way. There's also the lighthouses and old war forts that make the Portsmouth coast exactly what you'd expect.

When we asked Captain Cole what else he'd tell people from the Capital Region to see when visiting Portsmouth. "Market Square right in downtown is a great place just to hang out and grab a coffee and watch people and that kind of thing. Strawberry Bank is a great spot too, a collection of period homes for people who like history," Cole said.

For those looking for a little fun, we went to New England's largest water park, Water Country to 'Have some fun!'

Our tour guides Abby and Erin showed us around some of the parks classic attractions, and told us about some new events this year like the Pirate Captain Jack and Molly's visit in July. From young to old and thrill seeker to timid adventurer, there's something for everyone to enjoy at Water Country.

For a bite to eat and a drink to cool off this summer, you'll have to check out Earth Eagle Brewing... if you can find it!

"There's a speak-easy vibe with this place where people come in and they say 'I didn't know this was here' or 'I've been looking all day for it!' If you make it in you deserve to be here and if you don't, sorry" Co-owner and brewer Butch Heilshorn told us.

Butch and his partner Alex McDonald have combined a love of beer with something unique: Gruits. "Half of what we brew are traditional hop beers, the other half are mostly a medieval style called gruits which employ - instead of hops - flowers, roots, mushrooms, herbs and every once in a while we do a meat beer! So, you'll always get something new and unusual here," Butch said.

Right next to the brewery and pub, you can also find A&G Homebrew Supply, run by Alex's wife. It's the perfect spot to buy the ingredients you need after you've been inspired by an Earth Eagle brew... although, you might have trouble finding the Mugwort, one of the herbs used in their beer.

From fine dining and craft beer to fantastic water views and history lessons, there's something for every land-locked Capital Region resident to enjoy on the New Hampshire seacoast!