Road Trippin': Saranac Lake

Road Trippin': Saranac Lake (WRGB)

SARANAC LAKE, NY (WRGB)--Take a ride into the Adirondacks and its' hard to miss the buzz of lake placid - but what you don't want to miss is the village just a few miles west.

"You can be with nature and yet close enough to visit Saranac Lake, lake placid and some of the other areas like the wild center. it really offers you that quintessential Adirondack experience," said Ernest Homheyer, Owner of the Lake Clear Lodge and Retreat.

Saranac Lake takes you even farther into the largest protected park in the lower 48, but this is no "off-the grid" community.

Saranac Brewing, is actually based in Utica so we had to find something a little more local like blue line brewery.

We weren't the only ones who made the mistake.

"We thought we were moving to the town where the Saranac Brewery was," said Veronica Gillis.

Not to be deterred, Gillis and her husband opened their brewery - serving up tall, cold glasses of Adirondack inspired beer.

Blue Line's story in Saranac Lake is only a few years old - but not far away is a legend.

"The stand has been open since '53 but my grandfather bought the property in 1920 and we ran a farm and a dairy for years," said Donnelly's Ice Cream Owner Peter Donnelly.

It rained on the day we visited Donnelly's Ice Cream, but that didn't keep people from lining up for strawberry soft serve.

"We play this connector role of bringing all of this different kind of people and bringing the area together so one of the ways that we're tying to do that now, connect our area with Saranac Lake and Tupper Lake for example is that we're trying to put together a cuisine trail and the cuisine trail's major theme will be history, nature and wellness," said Homheyer.

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