Your Life, Your Health: Weight loss journey inspires others

An Albany man who once weighed almost half a ton is hoping his weight-loss journey will inspire others to follow through with their own major life changes. Now weighing just under 300 lbs., Larry Myers says he's happy, healthier and more active than ever. A mere shadow of his former frame, the 40-year-old showed CBS6's Julia Dunn photos of himself 8 years ago when he weighed 940 lbs. The sizeable difference is nothing short of astonishing.

"I was in great denial with myself." Larry says. "People sometimes take the small things for granted. Like being able to get on the city bus, or in the back of a car or cab. Or even just taking a bath. I wasn't able to do those things."

Describing himself as depressed and a food addict, he says in those days he felt like a prisoner trapped him his own body. Most days were spent confined to one room in his apartment. He says when his mother passed away, the only way out of his house to attend the funeral was the physically slide down the stairs. One day, a problem with Larry's leg required medical attention - the experience became life-changing.

"People ask me what my turning point was. My turning point was when they put me on the back of a pickup truck and carried me to the hospital." Larry says. "It was snowing and people were taking pictures. I felt like I was in a parade."

Too big for gastric bypass, Larry began weight the old-fashioned way; dieting and working out. He set up a gym in his home and began drastically adjusting food portion sizes. What he'd normally eat was split up into three Jell-O cups.

"They had different people come talk to me saying, "you're going to starve yourself'. And I said, no I'm not starving myself. And I'm not going to collapse. I said this is something I have to do. So I conditioned my mind to eat like that for half a year."

Once Larry lost 400 pounds, he was eligible for surgery. He's had 4 skin operations to remove excess fat and says three more are needed. Today, a motivational speaker (locally and nationally), he tells his story to help others with major life changes. He's even published a book called Behind Closed Doors.

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