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Bitter Cold and Wind to Bring Dangerous Below Zero Wind Chills Through This Morning

Strong low pressure in the Gulf of Maine through today will continue to cause wind gusts locally from 30-35 mph through this afternoon.  The wind in combination with the bitterly cold air in place will drop wind chills to -15 to -25 degrees at times through this morning easing slightly to between -5 and -15 this afternoon as temperatures climb from morning lows near zero into the low to mid teens. Dress appropriately for the cold wearing layers, a hat and mittens and covering exposed skin surfaces to reduce the chance for frost bite which can develop in as little at 15-20 minutes on exposed skin surfaces.


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WRGB: The Birth of a Station
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May 20, 1969: Lemuel Samuel Arrested

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 09:17 PM EDT
One of this area's most notorious criminals made headlines on this day in WRGB history.
It was in 1969 that a parolee by the name of Lemuel Smith was charged with 2nd degree kidnapping in Schenectady for taking an elm street woman to Saratoga and attacking her.

Later convicted. He was freed from prison in October of 1976.

Days later, Smith murdered two in an Albany religious store.

Back behind bars for that crime. Smith killed a woman working as a prison guard. That was in 1981.
May 20, 1969: Lemuel Samuel Arrested

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