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Widespread Frost Possible Tonight

Between midnight tonight through 8AM Saturday morning, temperatures will be dropping as low as the upper 20s in the Adirondacks, Western Catskills and colder areas in Vermont. Low temperatures elsewhere likely ranging from the low to upper 30s. Delicate plants could be damaged by the freezing temperatures.

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May 21, 1970: Burning off Pollution in Rensselaer County

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 09:17 PM EDT
We're taking you back to 1970, when burning was considered a solution to a pollution problem at Rensselaer Lagoon.

A company in a remote location in Nassau was dumping waste from around 1955 to 1967 ... Neighbors finally complained, so the state and Rensselaer county health departments issued permits to burn the waste.

A 24-hour burn was scheduled for following weekend.May 21, 1970: Burning off Pollution in Rensselaer County

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