Restaurant broken into three times over last four months

New restaurants in the heart of Birmingham's business district have seen a recent rash of break-ins. Owners fear it could derail growth.

ABC 33/40{}is told{}someone is breaking through glass doors at the front of the restaurants overnight and emptying cash registers.

These small, independent business owners say it's draining emotionally and financially

During the day, Razzleberries is serving sweet treats. But at night, it's been the target of some tricks- three break-ins over the last four months.

"It's disheartening because it happens over and over," said Marty Strickland, the owner.

Someone has broken through the front glass door overnight and stolen a total of 16 hundred dollars worth of cash and even a cash register. Sunday was the most recent incident.

"We don't have a franchise backing us up, so we just want to bring better businesses to Birmingham. We just need help," said Strickland.

Urban standard, another victim, has found a way of helping itself.

"An object was thrown through our front door, came and took our tip jar. Three weeks later, we had another attempted one. But at that point, we'd replaced the door with temperate glass," said Trevor Newberry, a manager.

That glass didn't break.

But Newberry says someone did come into the restaurant during the day and steal the tip jar.

"I think it scares the business owner because there's much more on the line," he said.

It's a scary{}thought for{}Bayou Deli's owners who've gotten unusual questions from strangers off the street.

"They want to know what kind of security system{}I have, and{}I just say, 'you'll just be surprised if you come in here,'" said Deborah Twynes, an owner of Bayou Deli.

The business owners say Birmingham police have assigned a task force to their area. But with the recent break-ins, they wonder if it's enough.

"At this rate, it's not going to attract any reputable business owner down here. We have to have support," said Strickland.

Businesses have stepped up security but for safety reasons, could not release the details.

Similarly, a spokesperson says there is an on-going investigation. He also couldn't go into details.