Presidential visits to Quincy throughout the years

Presidential visits to Quincy throughout the years

There is a lot of history in the city of Quincy, which makes for quite the tourist destination for any history buff.

Traveling historians are not the only ones to make their way into town - the city limits have also hosted presidential guests.

"Rutherford B Hayes in 1879 is credited with being the first sitting president to come through Quincy," explained Executive Director at The Quincy Museum, Barbara Wilkinson-Fletcher.

That visit was followed by one from William McKinley in 1899, who apparently didn't want to leave after arriving.

"He was actually here probably longer than the other candidate, he made a three hour visit here," said Wilkinson-Fletcher.

Theodore Roosevelt visited and enjoyed his time so much he came back, more than once.

The next President's visit is actually up for debate.

"Jimmy Carter visited Quincy, at that time he was the president of the united states, he visited here on August 23, 1979; however, he didn't actually ever step foot within the city of Quincy. He was taking a riverboat cruise on one of the large commercial riverboats," mentioned Wilkinson-Fletcher.

Followed by this spontaneous stop through Quincy that wasn't even on this president's calendar.

"Bill Clinton was known for going off the schedule occasionally and doing his own thing," said Wilkinson-Fletcher.

And last but not least, our current commander and chief.

"A lot of people can tell you all kinds of great stories about the secret service about the regulations and the rules of how the set up for president Obama's visit," said Wilkinson-Fletcher.