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Weather Alert

Light Icing Possible Tuesday Morning in all Areas

Temperatures in many locations will be at or below freezing as showers overspread the region from the south by or shortly before daybreak leading to some glazing on untreated surfaces.  Although any ice build-ups will be light, generally a thin glaze, it only takes a thin glaze to make a surface slick.  Use caution traveling throughout the region during the morning

The Bottom Line
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Bottom Line: State Police Warning

Updated: Wednesday, March 20 2013, 01:55 PM EDT
A Bottom Line Alert from the New York State Police, on something that CBS 6's
Dori Marlin has passed along in the past.

The agency is again warning that a number of different groups, using police-styled names, are calling people and asking for monetary donations.

One recent example was a group collecting donations for "The Fraternal Order of New York State Troopers" - that was not affiliated with the State Police.

The group eventually was barred from collecting in New York State.

The Bottom Line?

The official New York State Police agency says it receives all its funding through New York State, and does NOT solicit or accept donations.

The only other legitimate organization to look for would be the non-profit group "Trooper Foundation, Inc." - which can accept donations on behalf of the State Police.

If you'd like Dori to get The Bottom Line on something that can help protect people's money, send her an e-mail.  The address is Line: State Police Warning

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