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The Bottom Line: Tax Filing Delay

Updated: Wednesday, March 20 2013, 01:55 PM EDT

NISKAYUNA -- It could've been catastrophic, but really it's just a slowdown.

That's The Bottom Line from a local accountant, about the delay in this year's tax filing season.

The date to start filing was delayed by eight days, because of late changes to the tax laws.

Gerald DeAngelus, with Slocum DeAngelus & Associates PC, was in the CBS 6 newsroom along with our Answers Team Wednesday night, and told Dori Marlin the main effect is a backlog of completed returns in the pipeline.

"To a person that's expecting that kind of a refund," DeAngelus says, "that's a huge delay for them in getting their money."

Dori asked, "What are you telling clients who come in and say they are concerned about it?"

"I explain to them the process, tell them it's not our fault, the government is doing the best they can, because they are."

For people with questions, DeAngelus is referring them to the IRS helpline.

To find that phone number, click here.

The Bottom Line: Tax Filing Delay

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