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The Bottom Line: Tractor Trouble

Updated: Friday, October 4 2013, 09:27 PM EDT
PERTH -- A young dairy farmer in Fulton County, who says his work is already struggling to survive, is dealt another big blow to his Bottom Line.
The new tractor he recently bought for close $75,000, he says is basically unusable.  And the issues, which should be covered under warranty, he says he couldn't get fixed.  That's why he turned to CBS 6's Dori Marlin to get The Bottom Line.
Jeremy Korona grew up on the farm, and has run his own Korona Extra Farm in Perth for the last few years.  It's a one-tractor farm, so when he needed a new tractor, he wanted to buy it new.  What he went with was a brand new Case International tractor from a local dealer.
His paperwork shows, it was sold with a Case Factory Warranty.  Case's website stipulates, that includes two years of "full machine coverage."
The warranty took effect when Korona bought the tractor, in August of 2011 - running right through the end of August in 2013, and it turns out, Korona says, he would need that coverage.
"It functioned really good for the first year," says Korona.  "By spring of the following year, it started acting up a little bit.  We had some problems, they came out and worked on it."
But that work, Korona says, wouldn't be enough.  By the fall of 2012, he tells Dori the transmission blew, the odd gears went, and repairs were needed again.
"I had them come out and they worked on it.  The guy said 'There's really no more damage you can do,' so he said to keep running it," Korona explains.
And that's what he did.  But Korona says the problems got even worse.  He says he tried once more to have the dealer fix it, but this time, that's where he says his fight started running out of gas.
"I called, I talked to the service manager," Korona says.  "He was real good, he said 'We'll get it right in.'  Then that afternoon the owner called up, and he said 'I'm not working on it.'"
Korona says Case told him, his case is closed - and the dealer didn't have to do the work.  Even though Korona says, he was trying to get it done at that point within his two-year warranty.
That's when Dori stepped in, to help Korona:  Calling the manufacturer, which initially told her there was nothing they could do.  Visiting the dealer, which told her field representatives from Case had to determine if it was a warranty issue.
And then finally, weeks later – Korona says, with Dori's help – that's what happened.
"They found out the one clutch was done, and basically told me they were gonna resolve the situation all that day to get it taken care of."
Rather than fix it even, Korona says Case offered to refund his $7,500 down payment so he can walk away from the tractor - like having a lease return.
Dori spoke to the dealer, which says that's also their understanding of the agreement reached.  Korona's attorneys tell Dori, they're simply waiting on paperwork for the deal.The Bottom Line: Tractor Trouble

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