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Take A Break
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Take a Break: The apple doesn't fall far...

Updated: Wednesday, March 20 2013, 01:56 PM EDT

It's not a glamorous job, volunteering to make sandwiches
for little kids in the inner city.  But
it's the kind of job that delivered a pretty glamorous honor for an Albany 17
year old.  She was recently named U.S.A.
Ambassador Teen from New York, an organization that focuses primarily on
leadership, and integrity and recognizes contestants who make a difference in their communities.

Chelsie didn't need a pageant to motivate her to make a
difference.  She's seen her dad doing it
for years.

Chelsie's last name is Muller.

"My dad is Pastor Charlie," she says.

From his gun buy back program to providing meals for less
fortunate kids, Pastor Charlie has become a familiar face throughout the Capital Region, always working on a new idea to make life better in some
of Albany's tougher neighborhoods.  And
athough you don't always see her, Chelsie is usually right there with him.

"She's been volunteering every summer at one of the most
challenging parks in the city," says Pastor Charlien.  "She's made that park her own."

The Oak Street location isn't so much a park as it is an
empty lot. But the success of the summer meal program there has spurred an
effort to develop the property for neighborhood kids to use.

Chelsie also teaches Sunday school at her father's Victory Christian Church.

But she didn't always want to follow in pops foot steps.

"In the beginning, I was doing it because my whole family
was involved,"she admits, "but as I got more involved, it stated to be something I became
passionate about and loved to do."

Now, Chelsie is making a name for herself and a
plan for the future.

"I want to start a foudnation for low
self esteem girls. That's what I want to do. I see myself starting something like
that down the road.

Take a Break: The apple doesn't fall far...

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