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Take A Break
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Take a Break: International Animal Rescue

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT

It's a beautiful day in Saratoga and Jenny Witte and her
family are at the park, walking and playing with their dog Luna.

Luna looks to be a healthy, happy pooch here, but just a few
short months ago, life for Luna was very different.

Luna was found in Mexico, among thousands of other animals,
sick, starving, dying in the streets.

Local photographer Tracey Buyce was heartbroken seeing them on
a vacation to Cancun.

“They have what’s called ‘gutter puppies’ which are dogs
born on streets, and people leave them in gutters to die,” Buyce says.  “It’s awful.”

Buyce couldn't stand by and do nothing, so she searched for
animal rescue groups and discovered one called Candi International.  She returned to Mexico a month later as a

“In the area of Mexico we are targeting,” she adds, “there’s
2 dogs to every one person.”

One dog really caught Tracey's attention.  Luna.  She
was not a stray, but was living with a family, still in deplorable
conditions.  Tracey had her Spanish
speaking counterparts ask Luna's owner if they could take the dog.  After the owner's initial refusal, Tracey
decided to ask for herself.

“I don’t know why she said yes to me.  Because I was American or a woman,” she
guesses, “but it doesn’t matter. I asked and she gave me the dog.”

Tracey was in no position to adopt Luna but knew someone
back home would step up to the plate.  She
turned to Facebook.  One of the first to
read about Luna's plight was Jenny.

“She just had the sweetest little face,” recalls Jenny.  “You could see it in her eyes. She was just
a sweet little girl and needed somebody to care for her.”

Jenny offered to adopt Luna, knowing nothing more than what
she'd seen on Facebook.

“She’s been amazing.  Such a sweet dog, and fits in with everybody.”

Tracey is heading back to Mexico in December, to volunteer
with another spay neuter clinic.

“We spayed and neutered over 1300 dogs and cats in 6 days,”
Buyce says.

In the meantime, she takes joy in Luna, and the difference a
little love can make.

“Every time I see her, I want to cry.  I am so happy she is here.”

Saturday, June 15th, Candi International is hosting a golf event at Frear Park
in Troy called Putt for Pups.  They're
always looking for donations and volunteers. 
For more information, visit the website.

Take a Break: International Animal Rescue

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