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Take a Break: Woofs for Warriors

Updated: Wednesday, December 4 2013, 04:51 PM EST
To those who don't know any better, it may be hard to understand how coming home from a war zone can be difficult.

Sure there are labels like PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) that attempt to explain the problems soldier encounter when coming home.  But war can change a person in more ways than any acronym can capture.

"They're always worried something is going to happen or someone is going to shoot at them or something," says Paul Dubois, president and founder of Mountains to Miracles Veterans Foundation.

Dubois says he's seen too many of our men and women return home needing more help than the government can provide.

"If these vets with PTSD were to go back int their units today, they would function normally. But once they come out, they have no structure.  They have the stress."

"The typical treatment is to load them up with medicine and say 'Someday, it will go away.'"

Paul discovered a better way.  The Woofs for Warriors program.

"When you come back you just look at everything a different light and it's good to have a dog. Keeps you in check," says Dylan Roberts of  the 82nd Airborne, artillery.

Dylan returned home 2 years ago and lived alone until Paul told him about Woofs for Warriors, and the opportunity to get a companion dog.

"This is my hunting buddy," says Dylan of his new friend  she loves it

the animals are calming, paul says... and recalls the particularly heartwarming results another veteran had.

"We got the dog for him and he called the next night and said for the first time in months, he slept through the night."
The one thing that's been keeping Paul from meeting the suddent demand for companion pets for vets is funding.  Recently, Petco stores agreed to provide training for the dogs and wrote Woofs for Warriors a $5000 check.

A worthy investment, according to people like Dylan.

To make a donation or to volunteer, visit a Break: Woofs for Warriors

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