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Fact Finder: Flu shots, how early is too early?

Updated: Friday, September 7 2012, 04:45 PM EDT
Doctor offices, clinics and pharmacies are offering shots now, to help protect people from the flu -- but is it too early to immunize?

Our CBS6 Fact Finders reached out to the State Department of Health, which recommends you get the shot as soon as it is available.

Don't worry about the vaccine wearing off early, a spokesperson tells us that getting vaccinated every year not only is the best protection from the virus, but the shot lasts throughout the flu season.

If you're waiting to gauge how bad the flu season will be before deciding to get a shot -- don't.

The health department says instead of predicting seasons, get vaccinated.

In recent years, manufacturers have been successful at matching the flu strain to the vaccine, and have been able to make the vaccine available sooner.
Fact Finder: Flu shots, how early is too early?

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