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You Paid For It : I Love NY Sign

Updated: Thursday, August 8 2013, 11:23 AM EDT
Our Greg Floyd has received close to a dozen emails this week about a new roadside project on the Adirondack Northway on the north end of the Clifton Park Rest Area. The NYS Department of Transportation is installing a huge I Love NY logo on the side of a hill there, similar to one that went up on I-90 about ten years ago. The logo appears to be made out of a material similar to Astroturf. A large contingent of workers and state trucks has been on the site for days, and viewers have been asking Greg what this is costing all of us. Many of you have asked why do a project like this when critical programs are being cut? We have been trying to get answers from DOT, but so far the department's public information officer has told us he has no information on the project. Greg will be checking on it daily until answers are forthcoming.  You Paid For It : I Love NY Sign

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