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You Paid For It
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You Paid For It: Schenectady Co. DSS Building

Updated: Wednesday, March 20 2013, 12:56 PM EDT
SCHENECTADY -- A You Paid For It report with a happy ending, involving a building that taxpayers in Schenectady County are paying millions of dollars to lease, but sure doesn't look like a million bucks.  The outside is actually falling apart. The good news is it will be fixed and taxpayers won't be on the hook for the repairs.The renovated Schenectady County Human Services building on Broadway in Schenectady looks like it has to be renovated again, as the stucco facade is coming off revealing the old brick underneath.  Schenectady County Social Services and other agencies have been there for just three years -- but already the building has turned into an eyesore.Not only does it look bad, it's could be downright dangerous -- the building has been fenced off, and the entrance covered to protect workers and residents from falling chunks of stucco.  The county leases the building -- paying the Galesi Group $16 million for the next 20 years.
A mason we talked to says the brick should have been covered with wire mesh before the stucco was applied -- stucco applied directly to brick won't work.
A Galesi Group executive told Greg Floyd the work was not done properly by a contractor and sub contractor, and Galesi will make it right. They are now in the process of determining just what the best manner of repair will be.You Paid For It: Schenectady Co. DSS Building

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