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The Real Deal: Local Home Contactor Under Fire

Updated: Wednesday, August 28 2013, 07:51 PM EDT
ALBANY A local home contractor is under fire tonight for allegedly ripping-off female customers.  A number of women who hired Jeff Fordley of Rensselaer, called our Investigative Reporter, Jennifer Lewke to say they paid him thousands of dollars for work that was either never finished or was shoddy.
Wendy Cotter has a had a very tough year, she unexpectedly lost her husband in March.  When he passed away, I decided I would rent the upstairs of my home because I didn't have his income anymore, she says.  She went to and was referred to Fordley Construction.  Jeff Fordely agreed to remodel the bedroom, install windows and a sliding glass door and add a side deck on to the upstairs of the home.  A contract for the work was written but, each week he would ask me for more and more money, $6,000, $7,000, $8,00 but he would show me things and say that's what he needed the money for, Cotter says.  In a matter of five weeks, she paid Fordley $42,000, it was my husband's life insurance, she says.  
Fordley tore a lot apart at Cotters house but he had some major trouble putting it back together again.  It's garbage, a toddler could have done better, it's piss-poor to tell you the gods honest truth, says Ben who initially came to Cotters house to install skylights as a subcontractor, when I came here and saw what he did and then she told me she gave him $42k upfront, I knew that he, I knew what happened, he took her money and would never see her again, he adds.
Cotter fired Fordley and requested some of her money back, she hasnt gotten it and shes not the only woman with a gripe against him.  Nancy Sergeant hired Fordley earlier this year to remodel her bathroom.  A cub scout maybe for his first job could have made me the shelves he built but definitely not a professional and the same thing with the painting, whatever ended up anywhere, ended up anywhere, she says.  The shower tiles arent cut straight, theres no caulking around the tub, the vanity (with a bright blue paint stain on it) isnt attached to the wall and the list goes on.  CBS6 has also learned that Jeff Fordley has been banned by Albany City Codes from pulling any new permits after inspectors found his work on a number of jobs was so shoddy it wasnt meeting codes. tells CBS6 that Jeff Fordley was kicked off its website in 2008 for a collection issue.  He reapplied at the beginning of 2013 but was denied because of a previous bankruptcy.  A spokeswoman for the site says they pre-screen Christopher Fordley who represented himself as the owner of the business but it looks as if Christopher was just feeding his brother Jeff the leads.
So, Jennifer Lewke tracked down Jeff Fordley at his home in Rensselaer. 

[Click here for part two of her report]The Real Deal: Local Home Contactor Under Fire

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