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The Real Deal: Local man gets tickets from NYC for truck he no longer owns

Updated: Thursday, April 10 2014, 01:54 PM EDT

GREENVILLE - It's hard to believe, getting new traffic tickets in the mail for a truck you sold nearly two years ago but that's exactly what is happening to a Greenville man.  So far, he's spent countless hours trying to clear up the matter but has been totally unsuccessful. 
Jason Wickes sold his Ford F-250 in October of 2010 to someone from Connecticut.  He hadn't really thought about it at all since.  Then, out of nowhere, he started getting notices in the mail from New York City fiance about overdue parking tickets.  "I've spent 13 hours on the phone, on the Internet, talking to state troopers, sheriffs, DMV, CT, NYC finance to get this figured out," he says. 

Basically, it's up to Wickes to prove he doesn't own the truck anymore and hasn't been parking it illegally in New York City.  He sent a copy of his plate forfeiture receipt, a copy of his canceled insurance policy on the truck and a car fax to the traffic judges in New York City but was told that's still not good enough.

"It proves that someone else registered the truck and insured it in Connecticut back in 2010 right after I sold it and it's not sufficient evidence, it's not a legal document...I'm doing all the legwork, I thought I was innocent until proven guilty and here it is, guilty and I'm doing everything possible to prove my innocence," Wickes says. 

In response to inquiries on Wickes's behalf made by CBS6, the Department of Motor Vehicles and the New York City Department of Finance seemed to blame each other. 

Here's the Real Deal:  Since Wickes sold the truck to an out-of-state buyer, he still shows up in the NYS system as the last known registrant.  Either the new owner is pulling the plates off the car when he parks or the old New York State registration sticker is still in the windshield. 

"I'm not paying them (the tickets) so they'll probably go into collections but mainly, I'm not going to be able to re-register a vehicle or my license might get suspended if I don't get this cleared up," Wickes says. 

After CBS6's persistence, the DMV has promised to send a letter to New York City Finance in an attempt to absolve Wickes of these tickets.  We of course will keep you posted. 

The Real Deal: Local man gets tickets from NYC for truck he no longer owns

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