Weitz & Luxenberg files class action lawsuit over PFOA

PETERSBURGH - Weitz & Luxenberg has announced the filing of a class action lawsuit over water contamination in Petersburgh.

The lawsuit claims that Taconic Plastics Limited improperly disposed of the chemical perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in the town for years, leading it to spread into the municipal water supply and the surrounding environment.

The lawsuit also claims that Taconic Plastics heated products to the point that PFOA was in a vapor form and allowed to dissipate in the air and that substances that contain PFOA was dumped into sinks and landfills.

“This company’s pollution has left its mark on Petersburgh, and members of the community will need access to a number of resources in the coming years to get their lives back on track,” said Robin Greenwald, head of the Environmental and Consumer Protection Unit at Weitz & Luxenberg. “Residents of Petersburgh need water filters, regular testing of their private wells and biomonitoring to detect illnesses associated with the chemicals Taconic has unleashed on the community, and this lawsuit seeks to provide them with all of these things.”

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