Amsterdam PD: Puppy was found in a box by the road, injured

Princess, a 3 1/2-month-old pit bull mix puppy, was found in a box by the side of the road in Amsterdam. She has a broken elbow in front, and her back two legs are paralyzed from a spinal injury.

AMSTERDAM (WRGB) -- "The night shift received a call from a lady who said she found a dog in a box in the side of the road and all four legs were broken," said Amsterdam Animal Control Officer Gina Kline.

Turns out one leg is okay, but the other three are unusable. Princess has a broken elbow in the front and her back two legs are paralyzed from a spine injury. Officer Kline says she was likely abused.

"I don't understand how you can look at something so innocent, same as children, how you can look at an innocent child or look at a puppy and do something like that, starve them, kick them, beat them, whatever."

But the three and a half month old pit bull mix is making a remarkable recovery. With around the clock care including laser treatments and acupuncture therapy, Princess is now able to sit up on her own and is regaining feeling in her hind legs, and when it comes to play time -- Officer Kline says she's just like any other puppy from the neck up.

"You know she likes to play and she'll play tug and she likes attention and she does this and whines and cries when she doesn't get enough attention."

Although Kline says it's easy to let abuse of an innocent life like Princess make us lose hope in humanity, she says the overwhelming response they get from people trying to help is enough to restore it.

"When you put go fund me pages up in Facebook and in an hour you have $600 in donations to help her out it kind of gives you a little bit more faith."

Princess is not ready for adoption yet. She still needs surgery, but she will eventually need a permanent home. For now, if you want to help - Amsterdam Police have set up a Go Fund Me Page.

Police say they are still searching for whoever is responsible for this horrific abuse -- and they have a few people of interest. If you have any information, you're asked to give the department a call.

Link to the go fund me page set up for princess:

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