Apple users warned about iPhone upgrade

Security experts are warning Apple users to pay attention to the latest software update. They say a vulnerability has been found on some Apple products that could impact millions of devices without the owner, even realizing.

GreyCastle Security Chief Security Strategist Dan Didier said that vulnerability, if not fixed, could allow hackers to access passwords. He said the extent of the weakness is not completely clear.

"Not only could it be a password, it could be contents of an email, it could be notes that you've taken or other things that we don't know of right now," said Didier.

What's different about this is that the exploit comes to the user in the form of a message, with an image. Didier said you don't have to open it, click on anything or download, you just have to receive it.

“This is just a consequence of being connected to the internet and having a device,” he said. “You get the message with the image, your phone processes it and it's game over.”

Apple has put out a software update, that closes the security gap. It’s not automatic though, users have to install it.

It’s unclear if this vulnerability has actually been exploited.

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