Bridal stores, wedding parties scramble in aftermath of designer's bankruptcy


Shannon Storm is in a wedding in September. She already picked out a bridesmaid dress, but on Monday was starting over at Jocelynn's Bridal in Clifton Park.

"Saturday I got a text from the bride that we had to find new dresses," said Storm.

The bridal party she is part of is one of many across the nation shocked to learn the dress maker they were using, Alfred Angelo, suddenly filed for bankruptcy.

Evon Majid and her family own Jocelynn's Bridal, a store that sells Alfred Angelo dresses. She said the store had no warning about the bankruptcy announcement. She said that on Thursday the store received two samples from the company. The next day, it learned the news.

"Friday we got the email from our sales rep that they declared bankruptcy," she said.

Majid said her store does not know if or when dresses that were ordered will arrive, so they are altering similar dresses that are already in store, ordering refunds and helping people order new dresses.

"We can't just wait, every day counts for us," she said.

Majid said that some other dress companies have offered free rush cuts to get the new dress to a customer in time. For companies that won't, she said her store is taking the financial hit.

"We just have to go with what the brides want and we're paying the rush cut," said Majid.

She also said the store is receiving calls from people all over the country who are looking for a dress in the correct size or color, hoping to buy it off the rack.

Kelly Smith lives in New York City, but is getting married in the Capital Region in October. She told CBS6 News over the phone that she and her bridal party ended up calling around to find a dress for one of her bridesmaids. They found one in Rochester.

"We were able to find one that's in the right size and the same color it's just slightly different on top," said Smith.

Smith said she is grateful her Alfred Angelo wedding dress is already in hand, but feels for those left unsure.

Storm said that as surprised as she was by the news, now she is just focused on finding a new dress. She said she is grateful the bride is already set.

"We'll find something, it wasn't her dress," said Storm.

"The sooner you come the more options you will have and nothing is impossible," said Majid.

Alfred Angelo posted this statement on its website:

"Alfred Angelo filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on July 14, 2017. As a result, all Alfred Angelo stores, corporate offices and Alfred Angelo wholesalers are closed. Margaret Smith is the duly appointed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee. If you wish to be contacted regarding your order status once information is available please send an email to: We will post additional information regarding the status of dresses on this website as it becomes available.
We apologize for the inconvenience and hardship resulting from this event. We appreciate your patience. Thank you."
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