Community steps up for suffering family after woman dies in fire

Community steps up for suffering family after woman dies in fire (WRGB)

AMSTERDAM, NY (WRGB)---Inside the McDonalds on Market street, a photo booth with children getting their faces painted, even a hairdresser outing in brightly colored extensions.

Outside, there was a raffle and auction Tuesday night.

"The most amazing people in the world have done this for me . And I can't thank them enough," said Kaycee Lander's mother, Doreen Gillis.

Her 24-year-old daughter didn't make it out of their home when it went up in flames April 3rd.

"It hurts to talk about it. I got a phone call at work that my grandson was stuck in fire," said Gillis.

When Gillis arrived, she says she was relieved to see her grandchildren and other daughter were out to the home they'd lived in for 13 years, but the worst news was yet to come.

"The police officer came over and he was like your daughter didn't make it she's in the ambulance," she said.

Penny Allen is a coworker who helped organize the fundraiser for Gillis, who is now the primary caregiver for three grandchildren.

"We sat down and said hugs and here for you only go so far," said Allen.

It was only two years ago Gillis lost her son, and now wears this pendant that she says was given to her on the day of her daughters funeral.

"It's of my son Chris who passed away in 2015 and my daughter Casey. It was her favorite picture." said Gillis.

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