Crews battle large fire on 9th St in Troy, one injured

Photo Courtesy: Anne Marie White

TROY, NY (WRGB)--Crews were called in to battle a large on fire at 192 9th St. in Troy Thursday night.

Chief Tom Garrett tells us that the fire was spotted by firefighters a nearby fire station and moments later they received the first 911 call.

The third floor of the three story home suffered most of the damage, and the roof did collapse.

One person was taken to the hospital, but there is no word on how badly they may have been injured.

It's also not clear how many people lived inside this home.

But, we spoke with a young man who lives on the second floor with his family and is grateful to have made it out.

"I left like probably 15-20 minutes before it happened to go to the mall and my sister texted me saying that the house is on fire so I came rushing back and on the highway I saw smoke and then I saw the whole house emerged in flames. "I feel grateful that no one is hurt but I'm just shocked. I don't know if the house is gone or what," said Abdel Osman.

Chief Garrett says battling the flames was tough for crews due to the heat and humidity.

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