Dad concerned for his kids' safety at the local basketball courts - makes one of his own

Dad concerned for his kids' safety at the local basketball courts - makes one of his own (WRGB)

ROTTERDAM, NY (WRGB)--"Believe it or not, our house is a lot smaller than it looks!" joked Rotterdam resident Brian Dean.

With a home full of children, and children full of energy, Brian Dean needed a place for his two teens and two toddlers to get outside and play.

He explained, "there's just a lot of public places that used to be really good to go to, but now they're just not. So, I've created my own."

A lot of elbow grease and a few loans turned his backyard into home court complete with regulation hoops, lighting, and seating for the fans.

"This is the big eye catcher, the bleachers, it's great," he said.

Dean says it's not just for his own children to enjoy.

"There's days when we get home from wherever were at and we'll get home and there will be some kids shooting around in the yard."

His daughter Rebekkah, a varsity basketball star, says she feels uncomfortable playing at some of the other town parks.

"Some of the things I've heard are scary, and I'd rather be safe at my own home than at my own risk somewhere else," she said.

Dean says that's why he built the court, and not only does it keep his kids close to home, it's made them want to stay there.

"We never get a complaint from them about going somewhere you know, 'I gotta get on my bike and go.' Most of the time, their friends are wanting to come here," he said.

Rebekkah added, "everyone comes over and every time, no matter how many times they've been over, they're always like 'oh my gosh this is amazing! This is so cool!' and they never want to leave."

The family says it's brought them closer together, and Dean says it keeps him young.

"I feel like I'm 19 again, yeah!"

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