DEC announces Kaaterskill Falls improvements

DEC announces Kaaterskill Falls improvements (WRGB)

GREENE COUNTY, NY (WRGB)---The State DEC is reminding hikers at Kaaterskill Falls to be safe on the trails after four deaths there in the past four years.

The improvements to the trails were announced Wednesday morning at the grand opening of a new viewing platform at the falls.

The DEC hopes the improved trails and viewing platform keep the area accessible, while keeping hikers safe on the dangerous terrain.

"We invested a lot of time and money to improve Kaaterskill Falls because of the rugged and dangerous nature of the site. So we wanted to improve the experience for everybody here," said DEC Regional Director Keith Goertz.

The DEC also reminded hikers to stay on designated trails, obey all signs, and prepare for changing weather conditions.

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