DEC concerned with safety at Momentive plant in Waterford

DEC concerned with safety at Momentive plant in Waterford (WRGB)

WATERFORD, NY (WRGB)-- The Momentive Performance Plastics company is responding to a letter from the DEC about fuel spills and violations the DEC says its monitors have observed at the Waterford plant.

Workers have been on strike since November 2nd, and the company has brought in replacement workers.

"We agree that's been pretty much our position throughout this whole thing. We were concerned what was going to be going on in there with the level of training and competency being able to operate this plant," said shop steward Shawn Mastropietro.

A Momentive spokesperson sent CBS 6 a statement which says in part: "The strike has in no way impacted our commitment to safety and compliance. The experienced engineering team and trained contingency workers currently overseeing the plant continue to follow the same environmental safety procedures that are part of our normal operations.The Company remains focused on continuing the safe and compliant operations of our site and ensuring the safety of our employees, the community and the protection of the environment."


WATERFORD, NY (WRGB) The Department of Environmental Conservation released a letter, addressed to the CEO of Momentive, voicing concern for recent safety violations.

The DEC states that recent violations include failing to properly label and manage drums storing hazardous waste and failing to move accumulated hazardous waste to a proper storage area.

Officials with the DEC are concerned with the amount of spills at the plant, including 2 on Thursday.

Workers have been on strike since early November. The DEC stresses that while they are aware of an ongoing labor dispute, Momentive still must comply with all environmental laws and maintain a sufficient amount of trained workers.

The DEC is also accusing the staff of refusing to address specific environmental violations, when addressed by DEC officials at t he facility.

Momentive responded, saying that the company has in no way "attempted to disregard or refuse to comply with DEC regulations"

At spokesperson with the company says that the strike has not impacted the company's commitment to safety and compliance.

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