DEC responds to glue spill at Scotia facility

DEC responds to glue spill at Scotia facility

SCOTIA , NY (WRGB) A DEC response team responded to NORAMPAC Co. facility located at 801 Corporation Park in the town of Scotia to respond to a glue spill.

Officials say 1400 gallons of liquid glue onto a dirt surface at the plant.

Officials with the DEC say a hose malfunctioned, releasing the glue. That glue, according to the DEC was a water-based vinyl acetate and zinc nitrate.

An outside company was called to the site for cleanup using a vac truck to recover the spill.

Some of the released product reached storm drains, but has not reached the river, according to the DEC.

DEC says they are closely monitoring the site for any threats to public health and the environment. The investigation remains ongoing.

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