Dog and owner are reunited after quite an ordeal

Dog and owner are reunited after quite an ordeal (WRGB)

HOOSICK FALLS, NY (WRGB)-- Flash is an American Foxhound.

He's a hunting dog, described as very serious and very shy.

His owner, TJ McMahon says someone took him while hunting in Washington County.

On Friday, State Police say they have a witness who says the dog was dumped on Shine Hill Road in the town of Hartford.

That witness also contacted the town supervisor Dana Haff.

"To tell me that a tall beagle looking dog was thrown out of a truck and is now abandoned. Wondering around," said Haff.

She got in touch with Haff, because he's known for helping reunite lost pets.

"I've helped locate a missing peacock, goats, cows, dogs," he said.

In Flash's case, Haff posted the information on Facebook Friday.

"Because it was going to be very cold Friday night, and this is a short haired dog and I didn't want this dog to be out overnight abandoned, lost," he said.

He says he asked people to try to find the dog so they could put it in the town shelter to protect it overnight, however a few crucial things happened because of the post,

"It was late Saturday night that the owner of the dog, somebody put two and two, and told the owner to go to my Facebook page," said Haff.

Another person commented on Haff's page.

"It said I just hit that dog with my car by accident, and I can return back to the scene where I hit it if the owner wants to come," he said.

Luckily Flash wasn't hurt too badly when he was hit, he just ran.

"The man came to the area, with the owner and showed him and helped him zero in on the searching area,"Haff said.

Ultimately, Flash was found.

He was taken to the vet and is back home, and owner says he's okay- just sore all over.

State Police say this is an open investigation.

Haff took down his Facebook post, after he was told Troopers requested him to do so - so details don't hurt their investigation

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