Emma Willard releases sexual abuse report

Emma Willard releases sexual abuse report (WRGB)

TROY, NY (WRGB)-- A 127 page report details sexual misconduct by faculty members from the 1950's to the 2010's at Emma Willard School.

Former student Kat Sullivan's story is included in the report.

She says she was raped by a professor, but says she and other victims believe the report isn't accurate.

"I've received messages from other alums that they're narratives were completely omitted," said Sullivan.

Sullivan says she started seeing a professor at Emma Willard when she was 17, and was raped at 18.

"So was I able to give consent legally, well I didn't," she said.

Sullivan says the report states the first administrators heard of her relationship with the professor was when she told them she was raped, yet she says other places in the document contradicts that.

"He was still in a quote sexual relationship with an alum from 96 and the school was aware of it, and they're saying if we are going to fire him for this, and I'm mentioned in that, I'm listed as the complainant, as is the student from 96," she said.

We reached out to the school which tells us they've not heard of any complaints about the report, and that they'd like to hear them

They also say moving forward they're working with the Troy PD and have set up a hotline to encourage any victims to come forward.


TROY, NY (WRGB)---A wide ranging report is released, detailing decades of complaints of sexual abuse and harassment, at the Emma Willard School in Troy.

The school posted a 127 page audit by Child Protection Advocates on its website Tuesday, as a response to years of allegations.

The authors detail extensive accusations of abuse and harassment - lasting from the mid 1950's through the last academic year.

Many reports include inappropriate relationships between faculty, staff and students.

The report even mentions marriages occurring between faculty members and underage students or former students.

Auditors found that between 2000 and 2016, the school received just one direct report of abuse.

By contrast, during the decade of the 70's, the report says the school fielded 19 complaints of inappropriate sexual behavior.

According to the authors, the school's reporting policy now goes above and beyond what's required by law.

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