Evidence scrutinized in Oquendo trial


A major ruling in a high profile Rensselaer County case, with a judge deciding today some key evidence will be allowed to be presented at trial, but one piece will not.

Johnny Oquendo is accused of killing his stepdaughter, Noel Alkaramla, and putting her body in a suitcase and throwing it in the Hudson River.

that suitcase is central to this case - and today, a judge ruled that suitcase and a plastic bag found inside can be shown to the jury.

The handle of the suitcase - that was broken off and found elsewhere - cannot be shown. The argument was over whether or not the prosecution could guarantee the identity and integrity of that evidence. In the case of the suitcase and bag, the judge ruled that the prosecution could make that guarantee - but could not in connection with the handle.

Jurors did hear from a forensic scientist who tested DNA found on Alkaramla's body and a number of pieces of evidence.

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