Family escapes Irma to Halfmoon, loses trailer in early morning fire

Family escapes Irma to Halfmoon, loses trailer in early morning fire

HALFMOON, NY (WRGB) A family of 13 who fled Hurricane Irma to Saratoga County was dealt another blow after one of the trailers they were staying in went up in flames.

Fire broke out just after 9:00 a.m. Tuesday on Smith Road in Halfmoon.

"My 21-year-old brother looked down the hill and said there was a fire we didn't believe him at first. No, really there is a fire," said Paige Auborn of New Smyra Beach, FL.

Paige says she and her mom brought her 11 other siblings up from New Smyrna Beach Thursday, including a three day old baby.

"We decided with all these kids we might as well go stay with family, instead of trying to put up our children in hotels and not really having assurance and a lot of our children are special needs as well," she said.

Fire Chief Art Hunsinger says an electric heater, too close to combustibles - went up in flames quickly.

Auborn says her brother hurt his back in excitement, but they're lucky no one was inside this trailer where some had been sleeping.

"Everybody is safe so it's easy to be positive right now. it could have been a lot worse," she said.

She says they didn't lose much- nothing was inside the trailer except a few sweatshirts.

The family says their home back in Florida is safe, and they're waiting to see if they have electricity, as well as watching the route of Hurricane Jose before they head back.

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