Crews battle apartment fire in Guilderland

Crews battle apartment fire in Guilderland (WRGB)

GUILDERLAND, NY (WRGB)---Water and smoke damage from a fire has forced some residents of the Heritage Village Apartments apartment complex out of their homes.

Investigators are trying to figure out what caused the fire, that sent smoke out the roof of the building.

Westmere Fire Chief Henry Smith says there were never any flames showing out of the building.

He says this was quickly contained and knocked down.

Right now he says it looks like it started in a bathroom of one of the apartment, but It's still unclear how.

His first priority, was to get everyone out.

Some residents waited outside to hear what was next.

"We had light brown to heavy black smoke coming from roof areas. We immediately evacuated because my first priority is life safety," said Smith.

"Someone knocked on the door and said possible fire you have to evacuate and then I got him, I grabbed him," said resident Bill Lipscomb.

The chief says mutual aid was called in here because these are volunteer departments and many people work during the day.

No residents or firefighters were hurt.

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