Flooding, sinkhole close roads in Hoosick, Hoosick Falls

A number of roads in and around Hoosick and Hoosick Falls are closed, following flooding Saturday night.

HOOSICK FALLS -- Just one example here of the flooding in Hoosick Falls. Basically a brook overflowed, and created it’s own path through roads and homes.

Still moving fast – this water flooded the basements of several homes on Hall street.

One resident tells us the rising water was scary—and they had to get out fast.

Another says his family took cover inside.

Resident Scott Carlone said, "My children were very scared, hearing the sirens and everybody being concerned."

Young Sadie says she and her sister found a safe spot. "We cuddled on the couch for a while then I didn’t seem so scared any more."

Hoosick Falls Mayor Rob Allen says there were a couple of rescues Saturday night, and they opened up several schools as shelters for evacuees.

"The first responders, the highway department, everyone has come through to support and protect this community," Allen said.

Part of route 7 was closed because of this sink hole. Officials believe it was caused by the storm, and feared it might swallow the entire lane.

Carlone said, "We already have a lot of money and lot of work going on with the water crisis issue with pfoa in this town. I can’t image how much more we can do with this."

People are trying to remove debris as well as salvage what they can.

They Mayor also warns – this water hasn’t been tested- and there’s no idea of what could be in it. He says he found a crayfish.

A state of emergency remains in effect. It was set for five days but it could be longer.

The mayor is posting road closure updates on the village Facebook page.

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