Glens Falls community mourning after mother, daughter killed

Glens Falls community mourning killings of mother, daughter (WRGB)

GLENS FALLS, NY (WRGB) --The Glens Falls community is mourning the loss of a mother and child who were found dead Friday morning. The man police say is responsible is behind bars, but many say they’re still in shock.

"It's horrible, it's still not believable."

Viola Wells says no time will heal the grief she feels today. Up until three months ago, Wells lived in the duplex home that remained a crime scene on Saturday, where police say Bryan Redden, 21, murdered a woman and her four-year-old child.

"One minute you want to cry, the next minute you want to laugh when you start thinking about the good things that you did together and all of that," Wells said Saturday.

Wells - and others who knew the victims - describe the woman as a loving mother and just a kind-hearted person. Even those who didn't know the victims say today, they're hurting.

"I was shocked,” Glens Falls resident Kevin Miner said. “It's so close to home, a terrible, terrible tragedy, especially the child."

The house remained taped off on Saturday as a crime scene, but many dropped off flowers and teddy bears to remember the victims. Police say they're still investigating.

"There's evidence that's being collected,” Warren County acting District Attorney Jason Carusone said. “I think that in the future seeing how the case progresses, there may be some of those things that will be more available, but they're not available right now.”

Redden was arraigned in Glens Falls City Court last night on charges of murder in the first and second degree. Those we spoke with today say if Redden is in fact guilty, they hope justice is served.

"She was a good mother, awesome mother, two wonderful people that are gone now,” Wells said. “I just hope he spends the rest of his life in prison, where he belongs."

Redden is due back in court Tuesday morning.

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