HVCC hosts emergency response drill

HVCC hosts emergency response drill (WRGB)

TROY, NY (WRGB) Police and school staff worked together Wednesday morning in Troy for an emergency response drill at Hudson Valley Community College.

The drill's commander says it's a chance to establish a relationship now that could pay off when it matters most.

The commander said the teams were told there was an angry employee somewhere in the stadium and their job was to find the person and de-escalate the situation.

The organizers of the drill say exercises like this help establish good relationships and procedures now -- so they're prepared for a real emergency.

"It gives us an opportunity to interact with our civilian counterparts that we would be working with if something would happen god forbid. it's a great opportunity for us get out and meet people before something happens and an opportunity to see a type of venue we might have to interact with at some point in the future," said Lt. Col. Aron Sacchetti of the New York National Guard.

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