Incident where Glenville officer shot called 'suicide by cop'


"Lot of people knew him as a good person, and he probably was a very good person, but that night there was a different person that we dealt with," said Glenville Police Steve Janik.

A more clear picture given by Glenville, Scotia, and State police Friday into what led up to the death of Brian Skinner back in July.

Police say the 32-year-old was shot six times and killed by officers at his home on Pashley Road in Glenville.

They say Skinner's autopsy ruled his cause of death as suicide by cop.

"This is the last thing that we want to have to see, the last thing we want to have to do, or be forced to do," Janik said.

"Unfortunately, many times, and we're seeing that more and more lately, officers are put in a position where they have to use deadly physical force, and that was the case here," added Scotia Police Chief Pete Frisoni.

Police say the incident began with a call for a domestic dispute. Both Glenville and Scotia officers responded and were outside his home when police say Skinner came out the front door wielding a knife.

Police say officers gave repeated orders for him to drop knife, but they say Skinner charged at them in a menacing manner. That's when police say officers fired, and killed Skinner.

"During the law enforcement weapon discharge, Glenville Police Officer Benjamin Ferretti was struck one time in the lower abdomen area with the projectile exiting his back," said New York State Police Captain Richard O'Brien.

Officer Ferretti is continuing to recover, and so are the other officers involved. Police say they have all accepted counseling to cope with everything that happened.

Now officials are urging anyone who is thinking of suicide, to get help.

"There's treatment available and we hope that people would avail themselves of those treatment options and not end your life, and certainly not choose to end your life by making police do that for you," said Robert Carney, Schenectady County District Attorney.

Police say they found Skinner was the only one home at the time of the incident and investigators found no evidence of a domestic dispute.

They have still not determined whose gun fired the bullet that struck Officer Ferretti.

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